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7W Solar USB Charger

365.00 Grams
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Product Description


This is a solar charger which can charge most portable electronics, including smartphones from Apple, Samsung etc, battery packs from PortaPow and other manufacturers. It features a powerful 7 Watt solar panel, more powerful than typical mains chargers. This is enough to charge fast in optimal sunlight, and provide a useful charge in slightly cloudy conditions. The panel can charge your devices directly without needing to first charge a built in battery as with rival designs. This is more efficient, lighter, and smaller. The panel includes a pocket on the back to keep your device stored safely during charging. 

A built in stand lets you angle the panel towards the sun to capture more light, giving a significant increase in performance.

It is flexible, and covered in a tough water resistant fabric to withstand light rain and the occasional splash and knock. Hidden magnetic fastners keep the panel shut and protected when not in use.

A voltage controller is built in, so you can charge your devices directly from the panel. You can also use a battery pack you already have or purchase one of ours if you want to store power and later charge your gadgets.

A 15W model with more than double the power output is also available, this will charge your gadgets faster in less than ideal conditions making it useful all year round. Click here to view.


Which devices does it charge?

Since the the panel features a USB socket, it can charge the thousands of devices which charge over USB. It also has a cable which is compatible with our interchangeable tips to extend the range of devices even further, allowing you to power all current phones and smartphones as well as thousands of PDAs, digital cameras, GPS navigators and mp3/video players. A Micro USB cable is provided as standard to cover the majority of devices you can also use the original cable provided with your device. Apple iPhones/iPads do not support trickle charging so will not work well in cloudy weather. We would recommend using the solar panel to charge a battery pack and later using the pack to charge Apple products.

How powerful is the solar panel?

The charger uses a large 7 Watt (5V x 1400mA) monocrystalline panel. Note, solar panels will only achieve the stated power in ideal circumstances, and will only output a fraction of the power if it is cloudy, the panel is inside a window, or if the panel is not directly facing the Sun. This panel is powerful enough that even in these conditions it can still slowly charge your devices.

We recommend you buy the panel together with our USB Power Monitor so you can see exactly how much power the panel is outputting and angle it exactly to increase the amount of sunlight captured.

The power of a panel is measured in Watts, if you're comparing a rival product that does not state the wattage, this is calculated by Voltage x Current, eg 5V x 1400mA = 7000 milliWatts, which is 7 Watts. Remember to look at the power of the panel, not the battery pack supplied with the panel which is usually more powerful. 


Solar Panel Specifications

  • Size: 20x16x3cm (folded)
  • Weight: 365g
  • Panel: 7W (5V 1400mA) Monocrystalline


Product Reviews

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  1. More sun needed.

    Posted by Stephen Bissex. on 26th Mar 2015

    Been chasing the sunny spots around,so far intermittent success,thinking about getting the 15 W version to allow for the UK's spring weather, can see the potential though for if really sunny weather.

  2. Excellent bit of kit

    Posted by Matt Pearse on 28th Aug 2014

    Bought this as a backup for a camping trip. Charged my smartphone in about two hours of decent, direct sunshine. Even when cloudy and raining the panel still works to trickle charge whatever it's connected to. Only problem we have had is with my wife's iphone5, it seems to charge slower than everything else and we have had to disconnect and reconnect because the iphone doesn't recognise the charger as a power source. I think the fault is with the iphone as we have used the panel successfully on about eight or ten different appliances

  3. Essential Equipment

    Posted by Phil Plant on 30th Jun 2013

    Really well constructed in a tough nylon case. Folds in half to protect the solar panels whilst carrying. A useful pocket on the back which carries the Premium USB battery pack that I also purchased. In good sunlight the panel charges my smart phone very quickly and even continued to charge when the sun dropped behind the trees. A single wire direct from the solar panel is all that is needed to charge either the battery pack or mobile device. Plenty of loops on the case to hang on a rucksack and easily stands on the ground whilst in camp. Overall, really impressed.

  4. really necessary :-)

    Posted by Yann on 25th Jun 2013

    I travel all over the world and sometimes there is no Possibiliter chager my usb device.
    So I buy this kit.
    It is great and really works very well I am very very happy with the last one solar charger that meets podruit am're waiting.
    In addition to this internet shop is really professional and fast shipments France.
    A single word thank you :-)

  5. excellent sturdy built and good performance

    Posted by Tigran Aivazian on 16th Dec 2012

    I bought with confidence with PortaPow because I previously bought their premium USB battery pack (6600mAh) and it was of excellent quality. Likewise, this solar panel has the following pros:

    1. Folds in half, saving space when unused.

    2. The panels are protected from all sides, so it is easier to carry and store than a "bare" type of panels sold on eBay.

    3. Comes with a voltage regulator, so as not to risk damaging expensive gadgets with variable voltage.

    What are the cons? Hmmm, I have another similar solar panel (also 5V/1A with USB output) which has the compartment for inserting 4 rechargeable AA batteries which are used as a "backup" and I find this feature very convenient. I.e. the AA batteries are in the circuit to compensate for the current drop when the sun is behind the clouds and also they are recharged "in the background" from the excess current when available. It would be nice if PortaPow considered this improvement.

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