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8.2W Solar Bundle

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$105.13 including VAT
FREE for all UK orders

Product Description

This is a bundle consisting of our 7W Solar Charger panel and 1.2W High Efficiency Solar USB Battery. Together these can charge most portable electronics as fast as a wall charger in bright sunlight, and even provide a useful charge in cloudy conditions.


There are a variety of ways to charge up:

  • Charge your gadgets directly from the solar panel purely using the Sun's energy
  • Charge the battery pack from the buitin solar panel and external 7W solar charger simultaneously, and later charge your gadgets from the battery pack
  • Charge the battery at home, and even if there's no Sun you can still charge your gadgets 3-4x fully

The battery has a capacity of 6000mAh, in real world use this is enough to store several days worth of charge from the solar panel.



Which devices does it charge?

Since both the panel and pack feature USB sockets, they can charge the thousands of devices which charge over USB. Also included is two straight 100cm cables supplied with a total of 9 connectors (2x mini USB2x micro USB2x Apple Standard1x Apple Lightning2x Small Nokia) to extends the range of devices even further, allowing you to power many phones, PDAs, digital cameras, GPS navigators and mp3/video players.

The pack is powerful enough to charge an iPad at full speed and even charge a second device simultaneously.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab / Note 10.1 will not charge from standard USB sockets - use this adaptor to solve the issue

How powerful is the solar panel?

The two panels have a combined power of 8.2W and use monocrystalline panels. The table below compares the power of several popular solar chargers.

We recommend you buy the panel together with our USB Power Monitor so you can see exactly how much power the panel is outputting and angle it exactly to increase the amount of sunlight captured.

Note, solar panels will only achieve the stated power in ideal circumstances, and will only output a fraction of the power if it is cloudy, the panel is inside a window, or if the panel is not directly facing the Sun.

Portable Solar Chargers Compared
Product Solar Panel Power Battery Capacity
Powerbee Solar Phone Charger 0.5W (5V x 100mA) 2000mAh
Powermonkey Explorer 1W (5V x 200mA) 2200mAh
Freeloader Pro 1.1W (5.5V x 200mA) 1600mAh
PortaPow Solar USB Battery 1.2W (5V x 240mA) 6000mAh
PortaPow 4.2W Solar Bundle 4.2W (5V x 840mA) 6000mAh
PortaPow 8.2W Solar Bundle 8.2W (5V x 1640mA) 6000mAh
Solar Gorilla 10W (20V x 500mA) Not included
PortaPow 12.2W High Efficiency Solar Bundle 12.2W (5V x 1640mA) 6000mAh





  • Size: 20x16x3cm (Solar Panel Folded) 12.7cmx8cmx1.6cm (Solar USB Battery)
  • Weight: 400g (Solar Panel) 186g (Solar USB Battery)
  • Total Solar Panel Power: 8.2 Watts
  • Capacity: 6000mAh (22.2Wh)
  • Charging efficiency > 95%
  • Charges in 8 hours
  • 60% pre-charged and ready to use
  • A total of 2.1A (10.5W) of output power from the battery pack
  • 12 month guarantee

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Product Reviews

  1. Almost the Perfect Solution

    Posted by Michael Fifield on 21st Apr 2014

    My need was for a solar charger which can keep my iPhone 5S (which replaces an iPhone 4) fully charged whilst cycle touring and camping. Because I use Satnav on my iPhone, and the Internet to locate campsites/hotels etc., the phone needs a full charge most days.
    I've tried several other solar charger products over the last few years, and they have all failed to do anything more than extend the battery life, and then only in bright sunshine collected over many hours.
    I've found the PortaPow 8.2W unit easily provides enough energy to charge the phone to 100% daily, even in conditions of mixed cloud and sunshine. So I have no hesitation recommending it to anyone with similar needs.
    It is also a winner because of the loop attachment points on the solar panel, allowing it to be attached to bike panniers etc. Finally, the ability to prop the panel up at the correct angle, and then fold it away to protect it, is first-class.
    However, there are 3 issues which PortaPow should deal with in order to make it a truly outstanding product:
    1. There is a problem with the micro USB plug on the cable which connects the panel to the battery. It only just makes contact with the socket connectors on the battery, and the smallest amount of flexing will cause charging to stop. Worse, the plug has actually fallen out on a couple of occasions, probably as a result of vibration whilst riding. This is not good, since you may not be aware that this has happened until it's too late, and you've lost a day's worth of sunshine. I fixed this by finding another cable and trimming about 2mm off the plastic around the plug to allow it to be pushed further into the socket. This seems to have done the job and, so far, I've not had it fall out again.
    2. The solar panel USB socket is connected via two thin wires to the panel. From my experience it's almost certain that, over time, one of these will fracture because the socket can flop around in the panel pocket without restraint. This could be quite tricky to repair, I would think. I've dealt with this by anchoring the socket firmly in the side of the pocket with 3 small cable-ties.
    3. The Apple 'Lightning' tip as supplied is not 'recognised' by my iPhone. This is a notorious problem with iPhones: the fact that anything other than an authentic Apple product does not work. I fixed this by using an Apple USB/Lightning cable.

    In summary, this is a product which, with the tweaking mentioned above, could be absolutely outstanding in it's class, and possibly the only one which actually works.

  2. Best product ever

    Posted by chris holland on 20th Aug 2013

    I was searching for a portable solar charger on amazon, however my options seemed quite limited as there was only a couple of companies that seem to make them such as solarmonkey and freeloader. After reading the reviews of these products i saw people were having mixed results and i wanted a decent solar charger that i could rely on.
    I came across one review which said they had disposed of their solarmonkey recently due to it breaking however they had come across Portapow, at first i thought it may be an employee for portapow but decided to have a look at their range of products, and ended up purchasing the 8.2w solar bundle, and i mus say i a 110% satisfied with my choice.
    Not only will the solar panel store charge in the smaller battery, but i can directly charge my perpherals from the solar panel, and that is in the UK sun (we definately dont get the best of weather)
    The products seem well built, and for the price i paid i genuinely could not of asked for more. Completely satisfied with my purchase, would genuinely recommend it to everyone i know!

  3. Great Solar Charging

    Posted by Mike Stead on 31st Jul 2013

    Works a treat. Used at a festival for many different phones. Only down side is that the supplied micro USB plugs (only ones I used) are not good quality and kept falling out of the phone's socket. No good if you don't keep an eye on it. Suggest using your phones USB cable.

  4. really necessary :-)

    Posted by Yann on 26th Jun 2013

    really necessary and powerfull, i use for all my devices USB the TOP on the world :-)

  5. Worth the outlay for piece of mind

    Posted by Matt, Adelaide, Australia on 3rd May 2012

    I bought the 5W panel and standard 3400mAh battery because I had tried cheaper options -- bought on eBay, shipped from HK or China -- and had had enough. Yes, there are bargains out there but it's hit-and-miss. I was just wasting money on stuff that let me down when I needed it, didn't last and needed replacing. There are just so many claims being made when it comes to solar panels by manufacturers and retailers, probably safe in the knowledge that the average person doesn't have a clue what a Watt or mAh is (myself included) and has no way of testing or verifying the information provided. We just want something that will work and last under trying outdoor conditions.

    No more. I considered the 2W panel (now sold as a 3W) from Portapow which would probably do the job well enough. After my eBay experiences and thinking that solar is a giant con, I went for the 5W panel which is advertised here as being able to work in cloudy and non-optimal conditions. I'm glad I did.

    The battery pack is well-regarded enough online from the company but there's not a lot of information about their solar panels.

    I do bicycle touring and wild camping. I also use a smartphone for maps, MP3, camera, internet, phone, etc. It's the nature of my travels that I don't know when I'll be in a hotel. It could be tonight, it could be in three or four days' time.

    The solar panel is simply excellent. It's late-autumn here in Australia. My phone was hovering just above flat at 10am. Between 10am and 2pm we had a fine, clear few hours, at 14 degrees celcius temperature. Through connecting my Samsung phone direct to the 5W panel, it fully charged within that time.

    The mounting eyelets are excellent, the canvas backing has a quality feel to it. There's attention-to-detail here which I like. I did a lot of research before buying and felt I was taking a chance outlaying the cash but I have no regrets. I'd feel comfortable taking this solar charger on a one month + ride, safe in the knowledge I always have power when I need it.

    Do yourself a favour and spend the extra pound or two on the little felt bag they sell. It is attractive and fuctional. It will keep a retractable cable, spare battery, a phone attachments and other small items safe and dry.

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