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PortaPow Fast Charge Micro USB Cable

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$7.78 including VAT
FREE for all UK orders

Product Description


This will allow you to charge micro USB smartphones, tablets and other devices such as the Asus Transformer T100, Google Nexus or Blackberry Playbook at full speed from a powerful charger or computer USB socket. 

We also offer a USB Adaptor which converts a normal USB cable into a fast charge cable, and a Lightning fast charge cable which works with the latest Apple devices.

  • Follows the 'Dumb USB' specification', so allows you to get the full power from a mains or car USB charger which does not follow this specification, such as an Apple iPhone/iPad charger. Our mains chargers and many others already follow the Dumb USB specification, however this low resistance cable may still result in faster charging than ordinary cables.
  • A normal cable only allows charging at 0.5A from a computer, this allows you charge upto 2-3x faster.
  • If you have purchased a powerful mains or car USB charger but find that it gives poor performance or does not work with your micro USB device, this cable will most likely solve the problem.
  • Prevents your device going into 'data transfer' mode when connected to a computer, acting as a 'USB Condom' to prevent data theft / viruses when charging from an unknown USB socket. It works with all devices which charge from a micro USB socket including smartphones and satnavs from Samsung, HTC, Google, Sony, TomTom, etc.
  • 20/24 AWG thick low resistance copper cable for high speed 2A charging with lower power loss than standard cables. The 30cm and 100cm cables provide the fastest charging since shorter cables have lower resistance.
  • Thicker plastic housing with extra reinforcement at both connector ends where cables commonly become worn.

Updated 2nd December 2014 - 100cm, 200cm and 250cm versions are all 20AWG, which is significantly lower resistance than typical 26 or 28 AWG cables (lower is better with AWG ratings). This allows faster charging for devices which charge at more than 1A, such as tablets and large smartphones. Our 30cm uses 24AWG but has a lower overall resistance since it is very short, so is just as fast as our 100cm 20AWG cable.


OnePlus One Smartphones

These phones have very specific requirements for charging. Our cables are compatible but for the very fastest charging speeds a very low resistance cable such as our 30cm or 100cm version together with a charger which meets the phone's specific requirements such as the original OnePlus version or an iPad charger. Our longer cables and other 3rd party chargers will be noticably slower. 

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Product Reviews

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  1. very good product!

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Dec 2014

    Goog quality and fast chargincable. Lenght is allso good.

  2. good quality and charges fast

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Nov 2014

    After losing the original USB cable for my Nexus 5, I wasted my time on unofficial ones for a while. However I did notice their charge times were slow and over time, the charge times actually deteriorated. Deciding it was time to take the plunge and splash out on something of higher quality, I bought this and have not been disappointed. Left on standby, my phone now charges from 0-100 in an hour. The quality shows!

  3. Feeding the power hungry

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Nov 2014

    With a multi -USB outlet adapter these cords now easily feed all devices. Five BlackBerry devices along with Kindle and more co-exist happily with no worries or messing with specific device chargers. Worth it to get rid of the clutter.

  4. Inexpensive, not too sturdy

    Posted by Karsten on 16th Nov 2014

    It does what it says: gives a quicker charge than an ordinary usb cable. However, when the kids (5-8 years old) play with their tablets while charging, the micro usb end breaks after about a month. As long as it'sleft alone while charging you're well off.

  5. Short USB cable - good but too short

    Posted by MKC on 27th Oct 2014

    No problems with the cable and its performance - just its a bit too small for general use. Then the next size is too long!

  6. Amazing cable!

    Posted by Jacquelefacque on 18th Oct 2014

    I play a lot of Ingress on my phone so an external battery (we call them powercubes) is a must have. I have Nexus 5 and it needs alot of power. Before I had problems with cubes charging the phone slowly while playing. With this wire I can play and charge my phone very very fast. Alot if my teammates also bought it after my recommendation and they all love it. This wire charges my phone 3-5x faster than original wire that came with the phone.

  7. Excellent product

    Posted by JLyork on 9th Oct 2014

    Bought a 150cm version to use in conjunction with a new mains socket that has 2 built in USB output ports. It was an instant improvement when charging my mobile phone due to the more convenient length and the fact that the phone charged up as if using the actual mains charger whereas the oem usb cable showed 'slow charging'.

    Well worth buying.

  8. 150cm cable charges well in-car

    Posted by Stephen on 21st Sep 2014

    I bought this to use with a high-power charger (Anker 24W) in the car. It works very well (it charges battery, even while using navigation system).
    Also works well with my desktop charger at home (similar charging performance to original cables, and much better than a cheap cable from ebay).

    Only downside is the micro usb connector seems a little loose in the phone. Hope it doesn't get any worse.

  9. No better than a standard USB cable of similar thickness.

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Sep 2014

    It would be good to see some more accurate info in the specs for this cable. "for high speed 2A charging" is simply untrue in a real situation.

    I brought 2 of these as my LG G3 needs around 1.5A to fast charge. After seeing no improvement over other non stock cables I got my workshop PSU and USB Ammeter and did some tests. The most I could draw was 700-800ma which is actually fine for most mobile phones and the same as other off the shelf USB cables. I used the the stock G3 cable as a control in the tests which let me draw the ~1500ma needed. I tested this cable using my workshop PSU (15A) and various 2A phone chargers.

    The advantage you do get with these cables is if your power supply does not have the data lines shorted to tell your phone it can take more than 500ma. If that's the case then you will see an improvement. Or if you have a very thin gauge USB cable that will slow your charging so replacing with this cable will improve that for you.

    So its not all bad but if your expecting to match the performance of your stock cable for a G3 for example its not going to happen.

  10. Great charging poor durability

    Posted by Alasdair Langstaff on 11th Sep 2014

    Charges the product excellently, however out of the 6 I've bought I've had problems with 4. 2 micro USB head have come off and 2 are wobbly and need wiggling to charge.
    Unfortunate, because they work excellently.

Showing reviews 1-10 of 55 | Next

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