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PortaPow now available in Australia

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PortaPow products are now available for purchase in Australia through our local partner 4Cabling. View the official press release.

PortaPow in The Gadget Show

If you're in the UK and are into gadgets checkout the final episode of season 15 below, skip to 33 minutes 30 seconds to see our AA USB Battery Pack in action and find out which batteries work best.

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Faster, Better, Longer

Annoyed by the slow charging speed of your gadgets? The bottleneck may well be the quality of the cable, or the charger being built to a different USB spec than the device you're charging. Our best selling micro USB fast charge cable has just been upgraded to 20AWG copper cable allowing even faster charging than [...]

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PortaPow Products reviewed by

The PortaPow Crystal has been reviewed by HomeTheater, the biggest online home theater and stereo magazine in Israel. Click here for the original article or here for the translation into english.

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Important News for iPad Users

Apple have recently released iOS7 for iPhones and iPads, bringing with it a host of new features and changes. One new feature is that iPad charging speeds from universal chargers such as our PortaPow Quad and Car Charger and other chargers not specifically designed for iPads will be limited to 1A in iOS 7. This [...]

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PortaPow Quad Featured in The Independent

The PortaPow Quad appeared in a list of essential travel gadgets in The Independent. Click below to read the full article.

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Charge Your Gadgets From The Sun. Or From The Clouds.

In our never ending quest to keep your gadgets going, we're proud to announce the release of our most powerful solar charger ever - the PortaPow 7 Watt Solar USB Charger! It is enough to charge most devices as fast as a wall charger even in less than optimal sunlight, and provide a useful charge [...]

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The PortaPow AA USB Battery Pack. Now Rechargeable!

At PortaPow we've long specialised in battery packs which can be charged at home and power your devices on the go. But when happen when the battery pack runs out of power while you're out and about? Our latest release is the AA USB Rechargeable Battery. As the name suggests, you can insert AA batteries and [...]

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PortaPow Releases UK's Most Powerful Mains USB Charger

By popular demand, PortaPow have released the most powerful mains USB charger currently available in the UK. It outputs a massive 3.5A, shared across two USB sockets, almost double that of most rival products. It also uses the latest 12W charging spec as used by the latest Apple iPad charger, allowing you to charge all [...]

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See Electricity With Our New USB Power Monitor

Here at PortaPow we love USB. Thousands of modern devices from 3D glasses to bluetooth speakers and of course tablets and smartphones now charge from a USB socket, and our entire range of mains, car, solar and battery pack chargers all feature USB sockets to provide the widest possible compatibility.   Now you can see exactly [...]

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